The Success Continues!

 Real Estate Investing:

Hey, Mel!
Just wanted to let you know that I was approved for a SBA loan (10K), just enough to move some debt around to qualify for the big LOC...95K!
Thanks for encouraging me. Now I can purchase the last two properties on the block!
Sonja Bell 

Hello Mel,
It has been a while since I spoke to you.  Have continued with my education and purchased one home.  Sold it on contract, which I carried.
Problem has been time.  I have helped plant 12 churches over the last year, conducted 6 training seminars for pastors, and attended three out of state conferences (required by the church).  Not much time left.
Charles Womack

 To Whom It may Concern,
It was such a pleasure and a privilege to work with Mel. He is an excellent Coach.

We found him to be always extremely positive, every call. He is a clear and direct communicator.
He has a wealth of experience that he readily shares.
It is inspiring to know his personal information and success, which he shared like a friend.
He has an excellent business, well thought out and run. It speaks volumes to the kind of person that he is.   He is a good person and cares about people. He is wise and has tremendous Real Estate knowledge.
He taught us in detail how to go about a search for the proactive market.
He shared his script and his thought process for motivated sellers. He shared it all.
We could run absolutely anything by him, any concern, any deal, any conversation and he gave his full attention to it and advised us with clarity and precision.
At his suggestion, he became my accountability partner and gave me feedback on my daily emails. This exercise gave me tremendous insight.
We are very grateful for the Coaching sessions that we had with Mel. We will be in touch with him in the future, at his invitation.
We consider Mel to be our great mentor and friend.

Jo & Mike Chevin
British Columbia, Canada

I want to personally thank you for your time and dedication to my success since the Seminar in Dallas, TX. When I purchased the coaching/buying tour/wealth camp in 2008, I did not feel as if I received my money's worth. Now remember, that mentoring was purchased from another mentoring company prior to you promising to make it good to me for no additional charges!
The coaches were not available as advertised and the information received went so fast that you did not have the time to apply the knowledge. I was angry for months, thinking that I have ran up my credit without receiving anything in return.

Since the Wealth camp, I became very interested in commercial real estate. When my dad and I returned to Memphis, I began my search for properties. I found a 7 duplex (14 unit) deal for 180K that was owner financed. We purchased it July 15th with 12 of the units already occupied. We currently have all of the units occupied and receiving a monthly cash flow of $2275 (with $123K of equity). On this Friday, we are going to purchase the last duplex and SEVER on the block for a grand total of 22K, owner financed as well. Once these properties are rehabbed and occupied, we plan to make an additional $900 a month in cash flow.

Once we refinance these properties next year, we plan to use some of the equity to purchase smaller apartment complexes.  I want to thank you for turning my "nightmare" into a dream come true. I can use my cash flow to pay off the credit cards that I used to purchase the program.

Sonja Bell

Dear Friend, Mel,
Thank you for your direction and encouragement. I really need that now. You help keep me on track. You have a wealth of information and so many great strategies. I am very thankful to know you.
I want you to say you knew me when...

Delisa Byrd

Hi Mel,
I have some better news for ya. About a week and a half ago I was sitting at my computer looking at properties when I received a phone call, and I also BOUGHT me a HOUSE Mel!!  It's in Greensboro NC. The seller did all the work on this property with an est. profit of $51,500. When I got this call I told myself buy it or forever be the fool. :)
Larry Stille

I personally spoke to you on the phone in May 2009 and ordered your course  and began my coaching with Mel Feller towards the end of June 2009.
Since 2003, I have developed a real passion for Real Estate Investing, but never have achieved the level of success I have desired.  Today, I am putting footsteps with my passion in becoming a successful full time investor.  I am not there yet, but I am confident with Mel's coaching I will get there.
Mel has been encouraging to me and he is the key to what I have been lacking in the past, --  ACCOUNTABILITY --.  Every Monday at 5:00 pm Mountain Time Mel calls me and we discuss what I am working on.  Mel has helped me to understand the difference between Pro-Active and Reactive Marketing.  I have developed consistent monthly Pro-Active Marketing with Mel's help.
I am so very grateful and thankful for Mel's coaching.  I am not there yet with the success I want, but I know I will be with Mel's guidance.
Thank you for making this whole program available.
With Much Enthusiasm,

Chris McKeagg

Hi, Mel:
I am thrilled that I got 11 phone calls (total since Nov. 20, I sent out the 100 letters).  I never would have done that had you not been my coach!  Many owners own multiple properties and are more than willing to sell. 
·       I spent 2 hours to organized my phone logs
·       1.5 hours calling back to the seller.
·       1.5 hours bank-own property offers.   I made 8 offers in 1 day!!!!!

Yin Boyd

Hi Mel:
Well, we bought the REO in San Bernardino for $85,000!  It is a corner lot, 1/4 acre small house, big lot.  Needs lots of TLC but we hope to do a 2 month flip in it.
 So, we have the Berkeley house, San Jacinto house and San Bernardino house.  Now we'll see a return on our investments really soon.
Shelah Spiegel 

Hi Mel,
Happy New!! Hope all is well with you and the family.
It's been quite a while since we last spoke.
Last time we had 2 properties, now we have 8. Our total property asset value is currently over $2M.
Amazing!!! Who would have thought within less than 2 years we would have been able to accomplish this?
We just want to thank you for your great coaching. You set us on our way. Thanks for all your encouragement and your words of wisdom.
Heather and Hank Jennings

I am writing to ask you if you will continue to work with me, even though my official one-year contract with you expired at the end of January.
Please let me know if it is possible to continue our coaching/mentoring relationship.
I have attended many real estate workshops and seminars in the past year, and you are 'simply the best.'
I have learned more and made more money from you than from anyone else.
Most sincerely,

Adeline Anderson

Thanks so much Mel. This is greatly appreciated and will get well used. Also give my thanks to you for being so generous and caring about others.

Steve Gaston

Thanks Mel,
You are a good mentor and friend.

Dave Tupinida

Hi Mel:
Rudy and I have just had this house drop down on us!  It originally sold 9/28/05 for $286,000 and Wells Fargo took it over in 2007 for $233,633.  It has now been offered to us "as is" for $85,300!  Please let us know your thoughts asap.  We think we should get it but it is an "ugly."  We may have to offer him a good faith and see if he will hold it for 15 days so we can get an equity loan.  It is a cash deal.
In addition, I have put a bid in for a property at 1224 Orange St., San Bernardino, CA 92411 for $50,000.  The bid is through Realty Trac on line.  Bidding ends in 3 days.  WoW….we have hit a home run with your help once again!
Already have buyers lined up!

Shelah Spiegel / Rudy Morgan
co-owners M & S Real Estate Investing

 Dear Mel ...

Thank you for helping me and my client and thank you for being so concerned about cleaning up this industry.
Love,  Raymond Aaron

I meant to send you an email after our last call.  However, my husband got a “bug” and gave it to me a week after.  All is well now.  We finished our shopping yesterday!!
I was emailing you to let you know how much I learned from you. I appreciate your letting me ask any question and you always knew the answers.  I got a better understanding of real estate investing and that I have many more options for each new venture!!. 
I also appreciate that I can call you and discuss any deal. I have many reasons to do well.
I will call you soon.

God bless you and your family.
Sharon D. Davis

Hi, Mel:
Now I have many deals and motivated sellers.  I am sure glad in what you taught me to do in terms of creative funding and using other people’s money.  
1.    One seller is willing to seller finance and willing to reduce the price.
2.    Another one has 22 units’ motel and 20 trailers parks with 9 acres of land.  He is 80 and his son does not want to do any real estate.  With many other properties, total 1.75M asking prices.  This is a Price with a lot of potential and low price.
Talk to you Saturday.
 Yin Boyd

Personal Development: 

Dear Mel,

How are you?  I hope this finds you in good health and with much happiness in your life.
I am writing to you today to tell you what you have done for me in such a short period of time.  I know that I met you for the first time February 4th.  Instantly, I was attracted to you charisma, intense motivation and was so gung ho for my journey of self-discovery.   Talking to you has really been special and very eye opening to me in all of the opportunities that are out there and open to me!  And that has only taken place with only 3 meetings!
At that time I did not know my life would be taking such a drastic turn for the best!!  Thank you for all you have done to help improve me!!
Heather Goss

Dear Mel,
I know you and I have never contacted  each other prior to this but I felt the urge to tell you "thanks"
Heather has been concerned with her Success Coaching and our upcoming marriage.

Heather and I have dated for three and a half years and will be looking into the possibility of a September wedding when we meet with our pastor this Saturday.
Since her speaking with you I must admit she has called me with a motor-mouth the last several Tuesday nights just after hanging up with you.  You have opened her eyes and given her newfound hope.  I thank you for this!
Peace be with you,

Hello Mel,
I thought I might give you an update on the progress since we last spoke.  I have a total of 9 consultants on my team and will be promoted to Director April 1st.  I recruited 3 in January, 1 in February 2 so far in March.  I had already 2 from last August and 1 from last November.

I am currently working with 4 more seriously and expect them to sign within the next couple of weeks.  I will be hosting my first monthly meeting this month on the 24th and plan to to focus on helping all the new people how to get off to a great start.
My own personal business is going well.  I am on track for our To Performance Cluster Award in July which is a Ruby Ring and an extra day in Spain which is our incentive for February.

The incentive trip in February to Cancun was awesome.  All inclusive resort at Moon Palace.  It is definitely my goals to strive to earn trips each and every year!

Thank you for all you have inspired and taught!!
Corrine Carley
Pampered Chef

 Hi Mel,

I added up all of our sessions since last we talked and discovered that I will have my last session with you next week. 
Looking back over our time together I can see how many I have accomplished and I am so grateful.
1. I went into and out of a bad depression, and had you there beside me to give your experience, strength, and hope.  What a blessing that was for me!
2.  I wrote a business plan with your help, and even though I am not following it 100% as of yet, it's realistic and my bet is that I will accomplish all of it!
3.  I have started to talk with Realtors.  I've gone to Sunday Open Houses the last several weeks and actually used the tips you taught me and loved it!
4.  You helped me create a vision of my future.  I just love reading it and it continues to giving me strength and a goal to look forward to.
5.  You taught me to just hang in there.  So many times you were the only ray of hope I had.  If a person several states away could have faith in me, based only on what I told you each week, then how could I give up on myself?  Or discount the encouragement that my husband and others had given me.  Thank you for that simple but powerful gift.
I am a work in progress for sure, but thanks to you, I look forward to steadily getting better.  Your wisdoms and insights truly lift my spirts!
Love, Love, Love
Pat Kelliey

Hello Mel,
I think you have done an excellent job helping me calm down and focus my thoughts.  You showed an empathy and ability to understand that is rarely seen.  You have helped me pinpoint my anxieties I harbor are manageable.  You have actually pinpointed the base issues and for me how to figure out how to deal with them.
When I first spoke to you I felt like I was panicking and the world was spinning too fast.  You seemed to see through the "feelings" I was hesitant at first to share, and you helped me focus on the facts.  I really liked that about you.  Your use of “explorative" questions helped me visualize my situation and bring forth the many factors involved.  You seemed to understand me, or my personality style at the least, and employ methods that work well for my learning style.  Your use of real life examples and logical, calm speaking and reasoning is what I place on at this point because you have changed my whole life and changed it forever.  I can never place a value on that one thing alone!!!
Talk soon!
Karen Harris

Hi Mel,
So far I think the coaching has been going well.  My expectations are being met.  You have helped me to manage my time better.  Making a detailed schedule for the last several weeks has been a new thing for me.  It has been a good thing!  It gives me a picture of the goals I am reaching for.  I am now able to better predict when my various tasks will be completed.  You have given me several alternatives for saving me time in my life.  But the best part is that you have been able to change from being able to make those difficult decisions and better yet being able to say NO! To those things I never could before our coaching.

Thank you ever so much!
Bruno Cordovado

Internet Marketing:

Hello Mel,
I have had a very successful week using my EBay software.  Thank you for teaching me how to be a better Internet Marketer.  I will miss talking to you this Friday, do you know why?  I rest easier after our talks and it allows me to be more positive for the whole week.

If I had a choice for an honest friend real friend...I would choose you Mel Feller!

If I had a choice for a teacher/Mentor...who would enlighten my soul...wake up my brain and really teach me the honest would be you Mel Feller!

 Mel, my dear friend you fit the are smart...witty...compassionate and very easy on the ego.  I have in my life, this moment of become successful...with you as my coach and mentor!!!
Thank you so much...and God Bless you and yours!
Kathy Lacey

I really enjoyed the session today.  I learned a lot about marketing this website and SEO.  I must say I am very excited to get my site producing more money.
Thanks again for your input!
Shawn Dutkiewicz

As our scheduled sessions draw near a close, I just wanted to Thank you for the consistent and helpful effort that you have put forth in being my coach.  You have continually provided me with the encouragement and insights as we discussed each week's business challenges.  It does appear that this year will end up being a record year for me.
Thank you for being a friend, a coach and mentor during these last 6 months.
I have enjoyed and appreciated your guidance.
May God Bless You!

Peter Lambert

Dearest Mel,
I had to think very seriously as how I should evaluate you as a coach well here we go....
You've been very patient through each week of the coaching.  I really didn't have any computer skills at first but I have come a long way since then but still have a few minor problems every now and then...but then again, you have only been a phone call away.
You were not too informative on some things, that is to say you challenged me by giving me directions instead of giving me all of the answers.  You have given me some great and profitable ideas on a local campaign approach that I can't wait to start.
You are a positive person and I appreciate working with positive people.  You have made learning fun and exciting as I anticipate this venture will also be.
You are a super guy and I am glad to know and to be your friend,

Bryan Wilson

This is a quick note to anyone that is thinking of using Mel Feller as their coach I highly recommend Mel.  He is loaded with information and can explain that information in several ways so even I can understand.  His patience is wonderful!
David Tarman

Dear Mel,
We just wanted to thank you for all of the help you have given to us during our 24 coaching sessions and to tell you how informative it has been.  We know that you are always available to us via email or through the phone in the event we need your assistance.  We always keep that in the back of our mind since we consider you our safety net!

You are a pleasure to work with and you have shared a lot of valuable resources and ideas with us.  Having your support has helped us "grow" a better business and has also helped us in providing better customer service to our clients.
Thanks again Mel, you have helped make the web design process easier to understand and exciting to develop.
We feel your sincere interest in our progress and your desire for our success!
With heartfelt gratitude,

Rita and Dan Heale

Hello Mel
I am sorry that I did not get this to you sooner to be honest, I had actually forgotten until I spoke with your secretary on Friday.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and understanding in helping me to construct my website.

You went the extra mile in giving me some great ideas in both online and off line marketing.  Thank you for great technical knowledge you gave as well as, going the extra mile to even make the changes for me on my store as we developed it.
Thank you again

Mark Shepard

 The figures on this site are for illustration purposes only and my results are in no way shape or form, a reflection of what you may or may not earn; as with any business, you can make more, less or nothing. There are no guarantees that you will make the same amount of money as myself or other students, or even any money at all.  


Who Is Mel Feller

Mel got started in the business world at the age of 16 when his parents taught him to recognize that real estate investing was the way to go in order to create real wealth. He and his dad found a home in a city called Ogden, Utah for $9000.00 dollars. It was a three bedroom home and he was able to buy it for no out of pocket expenses through owner financing.

At age 18, in 1976, he graduated from high school, and that same week, took the Utah real estate exam and passed. After 22 months in the business, he became a Million Dollar Producer. 

He went back to college and earned his Political Science and Accounting Degree from Weber State University. Mel earned both his Master Degrees from Utah State University; those being Masters in Public Administration and a second Masters in Human Resources with an emphasis in adult education.

He has written a book on Creative Real Estate Financing and Innovations along with Using Government grants and his various Wealth Building courses called Multiple Secrets to Success and has conducted seminars in both the US and in Canada.  He has published four books in total.

Mel Feller Student Success Stories

The Success Stories Begin

 Business Funding and Grants:

Hi Mel,

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable session with you today. As you know, I am a new client and what a privilege to have you as my coach. With your guidance, I can see myself going into great directions in the future.

When you get a chance, can you send me the web sites to the April 27th session. If not don't worry, I will go back on the Webinar and get all that information.

I just started listening to your sessions a few weeks ago and I can't tell you how impressed I am with your knowledge. You have such a passion to help people and when I was listening to the open forum on Tuesday, you treat everyone with respect. You have the patience of a saint and I am complimenting you. There is such a diversity of people with ideas and your passion is to help them is extraordinary. I could not believe it. You are an absolute gentleman.
I will look forward to talking to you next week. I will send you everything you need to understand my business. Have a great evening Mel.
Laura Scholz

I had ordered grant program (in addition to the coaching program) a few months back. I just wanted to let you all know that I received 2 small grants totaling 10,000 dollars, YaY!!
Adanna Jones

Thank you , Mel.  All these grants looks great.  I will start applying right away!  By the way, I listened and took notes for 3 of your webinars today.  You are an excellent teacher and an enthusiastic one at that!
Anita Kepley

Hey Mel,
I have looking on the web a lot today and on I ran into a Neighborhood Stabilization Program (Recovery Act Funded) agency: HUD,  Project : Grant , I would like to know how to determine which method to use ? Fiscal sponsorship, beneficiary, or applicant
Tom Groski
p.s. you are a wonderful coach as per our phone conversation earlier and thank you for your personal message with my problems

Thanks for getting back to me Mel.  Last night's call was great.  Unfortunately, Doug had to leave on a fire call so he didn't get to hear it.  I have been unable to get any recent calls on the website.  Last night's call is crucial for us and I really need Doug to hear it.  Do you know if that one will be posted on the site? 
After last night's call I felt pumped up and overwhelmed at the same time--I'm sure that is normal (at least I hope it is!!)  Anyway, thanks for your time and have a great day!
Take care,
Shannon Muench

I received a call about 10:00 this am .. kay called to inform me that my application had been excepted and she will be down tomorrow mourning at 10:00 am to sign the needed paper work to get started on upgrading the wiring and replacing the furnace in my home. Thank you for all your help and support I couldn’t have done it without you.       
David  Williams


Great Job!!!  This is close to happening.  In fact it sounds to me like the University is already planning on using my land.
Nancy Johnson


Thanks for sharing in New York. You are awesome. Also thanks for the grant/scholarship book. I've already written one proposal for the twins. In addition, got the grant!  Again thanks!!!!!

Henrietta Corbin

Hello Mel,

I followed the steps outlined in the Multiple Secrets to Real Estate & Grant system that I purchased from Mel Feller at the seminar in Toronto on April 28, 2009 and was successful in obtaining an EcoEnergy Retrofit grant totaling $1,350 Canadian as follows:

$675 from the Federal Govt to be matched by $675 from the Ontario Govt. I am so excited since it is the first time I have received free money from the government. Thanks to Mel and his team.

The Federal Govt cheque has been received and the cheque from the Ontario Govt is being processed and will soon be received.
Murial Clarke

Hi Mel

I would like to get an EcoEnergy grant as well.  I have a place that needs new windows.
I know of another woman who also purchased Mel's course for $899 at the  Grant free university and she got a $28,000 grant for a woman's entrepreneurial project and was ecstatic.  She told me!
Kathy Ezard

 Hi Mel,

I have great news!
After attending Free Money University at the end of April in Toronto , and based on material (The Mel Feller course) purchased from you , I read the binder on Small business in Ontario and started the application process for getting a grant for Self Employment benefits in order to start my own business.

Two months and 10 days later I was approved for this grant by the Ministry of Training . The grant includes 10 weeks of intensive training teaching all aspects of starting a business and a monthly support cheque for 12 months - total value is approx 26,000 - 22,000 (income support)  plus $4000 (cost of the training) . I also get a business advisor assigned to me for 12 months.

I have a grant agreement that was signed by the Ministry and myself dated July 10th .
Joyce Diaz

We have invested in other people and programs to guide through different business adventures and haven’t received a lot of information or guidance. We always felt let down and taken advantage of.
As for Mel, our coach, he has been helpful and informative so far. He was on top of the situation as far as setting up our first coaching session. He has offered us some key direction and how to look at different grant programs as well as how to get our own minds fixed around what we need to do to be successful. We are still new in this adventure, but so far, we are still very excited about it.

Brian Campbell

Dear Mel,
Prior to hearing your presentation held in Toronto, my husband and I were given to understand that due our combined income, our children (3) all university bound wouldn't qualify for any government educational grants/loans and so we didn't apply for our first child. However, after attending your presentation in March and going through your materials, we felt that we were incorrectly informed. I am pleased to say that last year (2007-2008), we made applications for all three of them and they got a total sum of $11,958 which was a great help towards their tuitions. They will be applying again for the next year and coming this summer, we intend to use the knowledge we obtained from you with respect to "grants" for rehab projects, as we plan to renovate a rental property for students. Thank you for providing such useful information and your support.

Warm regards.
Angela Tan

Your courses gave us the tools we needed to research and find many grants that are available to us.

Our first grant we were able to convert our apartment building to be energy efficient and got a rebate to do that and on top of that because of the conversion we will save about 1,000/year in hydro which is cash back in our pocket!

We have several other applications in for more grants and we are sure we will receive them.
Kara Charron

Dear Mel
I was notified that I am a semi-finalist (one of 184 out of 700 applicants!) for Idea Cafe's Biz Grant.  They requested that I submit a press release to as many places as possible as it will improve my chances of becoming a finalist.  I'd appreciate it if you would send this out you your membership and email groups. Thank you for your help in making it this far!!
Thank you  
Marifran Cooper MS, WHNP

Hey Mel,
Daniel Weiermann just called and graduated.  He is getting funding from investors for his ranch in Texas and it is approximately 5 million!!

Dear Mel,
Thank you for the encouragement; I am a working hard single mother of two looking forward to educate myself in order to get great job to support my children.

I was procrastinating about applying for school grant because I already took student loan in the past; and I am wondering how to pay it back , after I attend two days presentation at the free money university Which was February here in Calgary, I decide to apply for oil & Gas Administration .

I was accepted at college and they asked me how I was going to pay for it I reply to them by grant, the Dean said it will take longer for the application to process but that did not discourage me.

I went and apply for it and the asked about when the school will start I told them on March 17,2008 it ends January 16,2009 they said the processing of the grant will take six to eight weeks, but if I start school and the grant is not there that means I have to pay for the course; I said it doesn't matter but I am sure the grant will be out by then I have strong believe about it.

I submit my application on February 20th, 2008

On March 7, 2008 I received my grant letter stating that they pay my school fees. The total amount of grant is $23,245.00 it is for ten month course plus I will be getting EI.
I am glad that I get to apply the system and accomplish what I want to do now I am attending school thank you very much.
Fatma Shamboul

 Hey Mel...
I am attaching the link and the page off of and I will list all of your students who made the finalists of 800 applications.  I would say that is pretty GREAT odds.

They are:
Peter Pocklington
Amber Reese
Cindy Nigro
Marifan Cooper
Sheila Mondie
Robin Lerner
Genesse White
Christopher Dunbar
So you garnered 10% of the applicants.  There were 80 finalists. Great Job!!!!

Hola Mel,

We are going to have to access the webinar archives for a while as schedules are not putting us in an available location lately.  Now hopefully tomorrow I am going to go to the introductory seminar of the 20 session business course for women who are disadvantaged.  I am hoping to convince them that I need this kind of help too -- the structure of the courses -- learning the fundamentals of business -- crash course -- some good businesses -- like RUBBER DUCKY have come out of these -- anyway, do you want to talk with the boys about what they have been doing, because Kevin has been exploring options in Oklahoma!  I will ask him if he needs the slot with you or if we should save our precious Mel visits for when we NEED them.  Now if I do this -- just this one class would be on Tuesday night -- everything else during the day, once a week.  I'll send you the link

 - Female entrepreneurs needed the Initiative
I'm so so happy we found you -- you have been our guiding star.
Talk to you SOON.
Warm regards
Julie Bryant

Good morning Mel:

 I hope you had an uneventful flight back home. Thank you for all the information you passed along during the last two days.  It really served to tie everything together for me.

I think Jeff did a good job conveying the basics of the program but I believe in my particular situation it required a little creativity. I appreciate your dedication to helping people achieve their goals. It was nice to see the diversity of the group and how people had a genuine interest in the projects of others. Thanks for Kristen for all her work on the conference and making everything very simple to work with. Look forward to bringing you up to date on my progress.

 "Memories Begin Here"
Ken Preuss


Hi Mel
How have you been? I wanted to let you know that 7-eleven has accepted me as a partner. I'm now starting the financing part. They will send me out of state for 2 weeks training at a 7-eleven. They will also give me training at the store that I will be running. The store is 20 minutes from my home. The gentleman and his wife want to retire for health reasons. This will be a less stressful business then Chapman’s. I am really excited about this.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care
Marla Kid

Forex and Stock Trading:

Please let me know if you were able to open this; I'm working with new laptop and software. If you can't open, let me know.

I did very well again today with my 2 trades.
Thanks again for your help,
Joan Weber

 Dear Mel,

Yes, Rich K. is still around... let the phone conversation slide because I didn't have anything to ask about that needed talking,  and, I've been muddling around, it seems, for a couple of months, trying to find hours that work for me in trading, and sleeping.  I have finished all the cancer treatments,  Doc said the .07 count was excellent, but no, I'd have to wait-out the disappearance for the flashes, return of energy, but maybe the sleeping could return to normal.  That is about where I'm at...

You helped with some decisions that you didn't know about!  I explained the conclusions to myself with, " What would Mel say?"  and they are working-out.  I've established a 50,000 dollar account, but after that I found Jason Fielder through the Mac X column and gave his indicators a try.  I was glad to have heard of pivot points from you, and that I did the fear exercise, and that my journaling had become a habitual discipline, and too, my long exposure to you gave me a lot of background experience and good knowledge...

Looking back, I really did lose 6 months of concentration on trading, but I appreciate much more, what I have now,  than if I'd just "gone on sick leave"...

Mel, I'll stay in-touch
Rich Kliener

As Tuesday comes around each week I still find myself half expecting to hear from you for the weekly coaching!  You were wonderful.  Since our active coaching ended I have traded with a live account in four currency pairs (GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and USD/JPY).  In the past 5 weeks since opening the live account, I have made 29% profit on my initial investment.  Needless to say I am thrilled!

I want to thank you for being there so consistently, and patiently answering my questions.  When you didn't know the answer or had more information to share, you were great about sending me an email.  I wouldn't be where I am with mastering forex trading without your invaluable help.  And to think those Forex CDs sat on my shelf for months because I was so overwhelmed!  Thanks again for your terrific spirit and willingness to help me succeed.  I look forward to staying in contact by email for the next several months.

Warmest regards,
Lynda Bowman


I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you've given me over the past few months. Explaining to me step by step about drawing the lines on the charts and explaining the importance of staying in the 1 hour time frame and waiting for a move above the top line or below the lower line and then going to the 15 minute time frame to get conformation before making an actual trade was a real eye opener that makes a great deal of common sense. I'm also no longer intimidated by the Fiboninicci gage thanks to you. Thank you also for showing me the importance of using the moving averages part of the charts also, not just the 32 and 64 day parts but also the 7 and 14 day portion.  I'm sorry to see our phone call sessions come to an end but you can be sure if I get confused by something I won't hesitate to pick your brain with an e-mail.

May success be with you,
Charlie Barney

Hi Mel

Better late than never. I just want to thank you so much for the one-on-ones over the last two or three months, and the material you kindly e-mailed me, candle patterns, indicators etc. they were so helpful. Its so much easier discussing trading questions or problems over the phone.  It made such a big difference to my trading knowledge and my whole approach to trading benefited enormously.

Thank you.
Trevor Turnbull.

Hey Mel,

This is a summary of my experience with Forex.

I began looking at the Forex Market about four years ago, bought into "Forex Made Easy" and struggled... (missed-out on a class-action suit),  took another course, about 22 indicators and used a practice account they provided...the self-taught stuff just didn't work for me.

Last June I was able to make an experienced decision to begin the Forex Course.  That decision has proven to be the correct one!

I'm an old guy who is used to lectures, taking notes, and a quiz section I attend personally.

Mel became available just when I felt that need acutely.  I needed the personal Mentor.

Mel, the result of your coaching has been twofold:  First, you reiterated the depth of the

Code disks and psyche teaching to me and I found how much I'd missed the first times through the disks, and that my self- knowledge  needed some work.

Second, you gave me confidence in my judgement about trading, how to handle the Prostate Treatment, and that our haphazard phone schedule was ok, that we'd get it done, which we just-about have!

Since we last talked I've made Judgements, and Decisions, all on my own!  The last you knew I was going to move to the USD/JPY because the hours of trading might be better (the sleep thing) but it didn't work out.  7 straight losers...  This is what you have taught me...

I stopped, looked at my journaling and found all the stuff I was doing incorrectly, and decided to go back to the GBP/usd where I had been,  get the sleep, and do the NY session, use my head, the discipline, early morning quiet I need, and the journaling.  I'm 70% positive in my last 10 trades!

 I am growing toward professionalism.  I am experiencing a more objective, analytical approach to this business, than I have ever had before in Forex.  The proof of all this wonderfulness, of course, will be in the account growth when I go "Live"!

I am grateful that you are my friend... the patience you exhibit at time is remarkable.

Rich Kleiner  


As usual, it was great talking to you this morning. I always feel more encouraged when you let me know I appear to be on the right track. I know there is lots more to do yet and I enjoy it... except on mornings like this when it is only 56 degrees out here in my little office... hard to stay focused.  But you are always right on time and very knowledgeable and are able to tell me what to do to regain my focus.

You have been great and I look forward to a long friendship.  I am grateful that you have always replied quickly and straight to the point on all of our emails.  You call right on time, on the minute, which I really appreciate and you have shown me that Mac surrounds himself with great people over deliver.  But thankfully you are my coach!!

Regards as you always say your friend and here is to Success!
Jim Smith

Dear Mel Feller,

I wanted to send you my thoughts and comments about the relationship we are building.

First, I want to thank you for the time and effort you have given me and I think we are developing a great friendship.  Second, the advice and mentorship you are providing is great.  I am amazed at the amount of information you have been able to provide.

You are helping me to develop the discipline that is required to be a good trader.  Your are also patient with me as I learn.  I would recommend you to anyone in my situation.  I look forward to meeting you in person when I get back to Texas and thanking you in person.

I really appreciate you!

Best Regards,
Ken Rupert

Dear Mel,

I want to thank you for being honest and looking out for me ahead of sales coaching floors and being able to get money just to charge me coaching hours. I left messages (2) with the folks that signed me up and so far, they have not returned my calls. I have also emailed with the idea and have asked for credit and a partial refund of unused time and am awaiting a response.

I would like to suspend further sessions until this matter can be resolved. Fairness and concern for the long term success of students (customers) seems to be what you are!!!!!.

Thanks again,

Tim Walsh

 Hello Mel,

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the three concise Forex guide sections you wrote.  From my past Forex trading experience, I could easily relate to everything presented.  I was particularly impressed with the technical analysis guide and thought it was the best introduction to using technical analysis that I have EVER read.  I definitely plan to incorporate more technical analysis into my Forex decision-making process.

Even though I have not done any Forex trading in the past six months, I can see the information you can provide will get me up to speed rather quickly and with a greater understanding of trading Forex than I had before.  So I will be intensely looking forward to any and all information about Forex trading that you will be sending.

Ron Jarzab